Regular LBA’s management meeting on Thursday 26 January 2017

As ever, the LBA committee discussed a range of topics affecting business in the town:
The recent closure of the fruit and veg shop on the High Street was discussed. The shop was popular but generated insufficient turnover. The difficulties of high street shops competing with the convenience of supermarkets was discussed.
Updates from Councillor Tait on the activities of the Linlithgow High Street BID and the Mill Road BID. The High Street BID is spearheading an update of the Linlithgow Visitor’s Guide. LBA has been asked to contribute to the costs.
Feedback on the latest discussions within Linlithgow Community Council. LCC recently discussing the provision of school places in the town and the lack of new schools within the ongoing Winchburgh development.
Updates from Anne Daly on tourism. Meeting WLC this month to discuss the apparent lack WLC interest in tourism.
Update from Councillor Tait on the latest meeting of the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Town Management Group. Proposals for improving the steps at the back of the County Buildings are progressing and some ideas for public art.
Discussion on the current activities of the Linlithgow Community Development Trust. A new initiative is taking shape to create a business hub in the town as a focal point and resource for home-based micro businesses. LBA has joined the steering group. This initiative should be the focus of a wider meeting of LBA members in the near future.
Report from Mike Vickers on his visit to the Melting Pot business hub in Edinburgh and his discussions with Iain Scott of Can Do Places.
Anne Daly introduced us to the online virtual meeting app “Slack”
LBA’s facebook presence was discussed. A duplicate page has been archived but the original page remains active.
Discussion about the Victoria Hall. The Victoria Hall Trust is still actively pursuing purchase of the site for use as a community-owned facility.
Discussed the potential for LBA to recruit an admin assistant. Agreed to park this idea for the time being and review after March.
The committee noted with sorrow the passing of Tam Dalyell earlier in the day.
Upcoming LBA events: Date and venue in the New Year to be confirmed. Keep up with us on the LBA Events page;

The next LBA management meeting is Thursday 23 Feb. LBA members are invited to attend